One of NAPA’s key responsibilities is advocating on behalf of our members and the broader North Adelaide community, on issues that impact the social and economic wellbeing of the Precinct.

It recently came to our attention that Adelaide City Councillors were about to meet to discuss a revised draft of the Council’s Strategic Plan. A previous draft of the Plan, discussed in late 2015, included the development of an O’Connell Street Master Plan, as part of ACC’s ongoing Mainstreets Development Program. However, we were alerted to the possibility that O’Connell Street was going to be omitted from this latest draft, which set alarm bells ringing at NAPA HQ.

Accordingly, NAPA President David Johnson sent an urgent letter to the Lord Mayor and councillors, urging that the O’Connell Street Master Plan be retained as a key plank of the Council’s Strategic Plan. The full wording of the letter, which also touched on residential rates in the ACC area, can be read below.


If you are aware of any issues that you would like NAPA to bring to the attention of Council or State Government, please feel free to contact us at